Case study: Struggle for water


We choose to focus our project on helping people in developing countries get access to clean water as we found out lots of children were getting sick and dying from drinking dirty water.

We did lots of research and found out that Water Aid is a charity that helps bring clean water to people living in villages or places with no clean running water.

We thought the best way to be able to make a difference to this global issue was through supporting the existing work of a specialist charity, so we thought about fundraising ideas for Water Aid, and ways to raise awareness of the issue amongst the local community.

We decided to run a regular tuck shop for pupils during break times and have a coffee morning and fayre for parents and local people. We also invited our local MP, Pat Glass, to attend the coffee morning and as part of the event, we also made a presentation about the importance of clean water.

"The audience even started crying when we sang five thousand children a day" Keira

Pat Glass was invited to sign a petition calling for everyone to have access to clean water and adequate sanitation by 2030. We designed, made and decorated cakes for the coffee morning and ran a number of stalls to raise money.

We raised £320 at our coffee morning and fayre and £170.55 from running the tuck shop which we donated to Water Aid.