Mock Trial Competitions

The Mock Trial Competitions are our longest-running active learning experiences. Since 1991, we’ve provided unparalleled exposure to the judicial system, its venues and access to senior legal professionals.

We’ve been supplying our youngest citizens with specially written cases so they can try the law against their peers in courthouses around the UK. The competition helps with character development and the development of cultural capital as well as helping students to understand the fundamental British value of the rule of law in an exciting and immersive way. The competition has 3 strands as follows:

Magistrates' Court Mock Trial

The Magistrates' Court Mock Trial competition is for 12-14 year olds from non-fee paying schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Bar Mock Trial

This is open to 15-18 year olds from non-fee paying schools in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

Independent Schools Mock Trial

The Independent Schools Mock Trial competition replicates the Bar Mock Trial competition with 15-18 year olds, however it is for fee-paying schools only. We coordinate regional heats based on school interest.

You can see more information about any of these competitions by visiting here.

Mock Trials Classroom Pack

We have also created a free resource for you to use in your classroom to develop your students' interest in the law in a safe and supportive environment. The pack moves through three ‘phases’:

1. Session One: Courts, Roles and Procedure - Introduces young people to the differences between the Crown Court and the magistrates’ court, the roles of legal bodies and professionals within a courtroom.

2. Session Two: The Case - Students have a go at analysing a case, resources including full witness statements and annotations to support their learning. All students will take on the role of either the prosecution or defence.

3. Session Three: The Mock Trial - The last session culminates in students rehearsing and conducting a mock trial in your classroom.

The classroom pack is designed to be flexible and adaptable. Some activities can be done independently and others are teacher-led. This pack is intended for your whole class. The pack can be used for students in KS3 upwards. We have also developed a classroom pack so you can develop your students' interest in the law in a safe environment. The pack can be downloaded free of charge from here.

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