How this course is structured

Course structure

This training course is made up of nine short sessions which together will give you all the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the Make a Difference Challenge programme in your school. Timings are approximate and will vary between learners but included here to give you an idea of what's needed at each point.

Introduction: (15 mins)

Session 1: Child-Led Learning (25 mins)

Session 2: Choosing your cause (25 mins)

Session 3: Safeguarding your children (25 mins)

Session 4: Getting the angle right (25 mins)

Session 5: What to do - and who can help (25 mins)

Session 6: Let's do it! (25 mins)

Session 7: Tell the world what you're doing (25 mins)

Session 8: Reflect and evaluate (25 mins)

Session 9: What next? (20 mins)

The objectives of this training course are to:

  • Provide teachers with a ready-made framework for facilitating social action in primary school settings
  • Share ways of facilitating quality social action that is child-led, whilst balancing the need to keep children focused - and safe 
  • Give teachers tangible tools to use back in the classroom
  • Share good practice examples of Make a Difference Challenge projects taking place in primary schools

Stop check

This training will give you the knowledge and skills needed to deliver an effective Make a Difference Challenge programme. However, in order to deliver the programme itself in your school and access all the additional benefits such as lesson plans, resources, case studies and certificates, you DO need to licence your school for that delivery through our Make a Difference Challenge Annual Licence package. The Annual Licence package includes this teacher training course (and it's cheaper to buy them both together!) - this training is available to purchase separately because we know there are schools who wish to add additional teachers onto the programme. Visit the Young Citizens site for more details at and if you are unsure as to which package you need to sign up to, or are thinking you might need to bulk buy registrations, then do get in touch with us directly at [email protected]

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