What's in this training and resource package?

This training and resources package for educators comprises a mix of short training sessions, videos and downloadable resources for busy practitioners who are interested in delivering community action projects in schools or youth organisations.

Sections include:

Young people bringing about change: exploring what goes into an effective community action project, the benefits for young people and the community, and how to support young people choosing an issue on which to focus.

Making community action projects youth-led: exploring how to ensure it is the young people leading the process, what your role as the educator looks like in this, and the importance of using excellent questioning techniques to support them throughout.

The Bring About Change framework: Three videos taking you through the three steps to Bring About Change, plus downloadable activities and handouts to take away and use with your young people.

Looking for session plans? Suggestions as to how you might deliver a community action project as a drop down day, in curriculum time, or in a youth or after school club setting, and information on curriculum links.

Community action project themes: ideas for projects on different themes, including health, community spaces, sustainability and emotional wellbeing.

Share your community action project: videos made by other Bring About Change groups, and a link to a recorded webinar giving you ideas and the skills to make one of your own.

Please give us your feedback: a short survey to complete giving us your feedback on this training and resources pack, and a further space where you can share your young people's project at the end.

Young person's certificate: a downloadable certificate for you to print and personalise for young people who deliver your Bring About Change project.

How long will it take to go through it?

This training and resource pack is designed to be dipped in and out of as needed. Some people will prefer to jump in and look at everything in one sitting, others prefer to complete in bite-size chunks that allow them to try out and digest the learning in-between times. You can skip backwards and forwards through the resource pack as suits, revisit the sections you found most useful, and move past the ones you don't need.

We would advise allocating 2-3 hours in total to reading, watching and digesting the content in full.

How do I access all the material?

In order to get the best out of the online experience we recommend you use either Chrome or Firefox browsers - check you've got the most up to date version installed. If you have any problems with pictures or videos not appearing automatically, check your browser extensions aren't blocking anything from being downloaded. Basically, if you're not seeing lots of pictures and some videos thrown in for good measure, switch browsers!

What other support can I access?

Young Citizens give wrap-around support to help you deliver your community action project: group webinars, 121 surgeries, membership of our Facebook group called 'Young Citizens Community Action' - and even access to a virtual Celebration Event in the summer where you and your young people can showcase what you have done and see what other participating organisations have achieved too. We will be in touch via email (and on here) with dates.

How long does my registration run for?

Your registration starts when your Bring About Change application is approved and it runs for 12 months. Full terms of use can be found here.

What happens if I decide not to renew at the end of my 12 month registration?

We will be in contact before your registration finishes, and of course we hope you'll want to renew for another year! However, if you do cancel you will lose access to all the resources and support included in your package. You will also be required to stop using the name ‘Bring About Change’ for any social action activity in your organisation, and to stop using any related certification or branding.

What additional information do you need from me?

Young Citizens often receives funding from charitable organisations to help us grow our programmes. In return we need to evidence the difference those grants have made to the educators accessing our resources. Please complete the two short surveys included in this online resource pack - the first once you have looked through and digested all of the training and resources, and the second at the end of your project in order to help us build case studies and understand how the programme is being used.

If I have more questions..?

If you have any questions about the Bring About Change programme do feel free to contact us by emailing stella.baynes@youngcitizens.org

Good luck!

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